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L. A. Craig - A Trusted Administrative Professional


Meet our owner, Leah Craig! Leah is a millennial that has experienced a lot in her short number of years. She has used all of her life experiences to form this company. She is a committed wife, dedicated daughter, and lovable friend. Originally born in Pennsylvania and matured as a young adult in North Carolina, Leah loves to travel all over and experience different cultures, domestically and internationally. 

Leah matriculated at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke with a B.A. in Political Science and a concentration in Pre-law Studies. From there, Leah went onto law school, but soon realized her heart was not in it. Leah always has a plan B! The next stop on Leah's journey led her to association management, which involved conference planning and hosting, and travel management on an international level. She began to find her niche! Her last stop, before starting L. A. Craig Administration LLC, landed her in the federal contracting world, where she has been for a few years. 

Leah Craig excels in bringing peace to tumultuous situations, order and organization to confusion, and finds joy in being a dependable person. Leah is an experienced and well-versed administrator with a natural talent for attention to details. Leah’s goal is to direct and facilitate the resources and support necessary to make an organization run as efficiently as possible. With her creative and witty thinking, Leah is sure to consider multiple options for each of her client’s, to do what will best suit them, in a timely and professional manner.

Work Station

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