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Administrative Assistance Tailored

To Fit You!

"Focusing on the minutia, so that you can dream the vision."


Meet Our Owner

L. A. Craig - A Trusted Administrative Professional

Meet our owner, Leah Craig! Leah is a millennial that has experienced a lot in her short number of years. She has used all of her life experiences to form this company. She is a committed wife, dedicated daughter, and lovable friend. Originally born in Pennsylvania and matured as a young adult in North Carolina, Leah loves to travel all over and experience different cultures, domestically and internationally.

What Can We Do For You?

L. A. Craig Administration LLC is a company that provides administrative assistance services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations, and for special events. We take pride in delivering quality work product and establishing efficient systems and processes. We do all of this by cultivating and maintaining relationships with our clients built on a foundation of trust. We view our clients as partners and our goal is to help you reach each level of success that you aim for!

Administrative Assistance

This service helps you run your business as smoothy as possible. We will focus on streamlining your established processes, creating new processes and fold them into systems to improve overall organization and efficiency. 


Consulting & Training

This service provides training and resources to help your established administrative personnel become an elite and cohesive team for you. 

Event Planning

This service focuses on planning any special events that you have. We want your event to be successful and to help you curate an amazing experience for your attendees, whether in-person or virtually.

Trusted by Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Churches Throughout the Country

Organized and Efficient

Flexible and Committed

Creative & Resourceful

 The characteristics of our company are the compliments of our clients. Those compliments of our work are the same promises that we make to each client, which are the foundation of the relationships we cultivate.


Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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